HAMLET will invest on the following technologies and integration platforms:

  1. Passive optical polymer - PolyBoard™ 
  2. Si3N4/SiO2 platform - TriPleX™
  3. InP elements


Passive optical polymers - PolyBoard™

FhG-HHI has developed a single-mode polymer platform (PolyBoard™) for multi-functional PLCs. Structures that can be monolithically integrated include among others low-loss waveguides (<0.5 dB/cm), MMI couplers, tunable couplers, 90o optical hybrids, Bragg-gratings, DIs, VOAs and AWGs. Using the platform as an optical integration bench, filters and polarization elements such as PBS and polarization rotators can also be integrated, whereas hybrid integration of lasers, gain chips and photodiodes is also supported.

Picture1bHAMLET aims to further upgrade PolyBoard™ by heterogenously integrating, for the first time, graphene sheets on the platform and fabricating high speed graphene based electro-absorption modulators (GP-EAMs) and arrays of up to 64 GP-EAMs.



Si3N4/SiO2 platform - TriPleX™

Picture3LioniX has developed a single-mode, high contrast, ultra low loss platform (TriPleX™) which is compatible with high volume production processes. TriPleX™ is based on alternating SiO2 and Si3N4 layers, enabling the fabrication of very compact photonic circuits. Thermo-optically tunable micro-ring resonators with tight bending radii can be fabricated on this platform and will be used as true time delay elements for building an extensive optical beam forming network.


Picture2aHAMLET aims to further upgrade TriPleX™ by heterogenously integrating, for the first time, PZT layers on top of the platform, using an optimized pulsed layer deposition process, and realising in this way ultra low power consumption PZT based phase shifters for tuning the micro-ring resonators.




InP elements

FhG-HHI has also developed the technology for waveguide-integrated InP photodiode arrays and DFB laser diodes. The photodiodes are based on layered structures and evanescent coupling schemes with record combination of responsivity and bandwidth. In HAMLET, laser diodes and arrays of up to 64 photodiodes will be hybridly integrated with the PolyBoard™ platform.


Integration of PolyBoard™ and TriPleX™

An advanced integration engine will be developed for joining the two platforms and realizing the HAMLET hybridly integrated platform. 2D tapers will be formed on PolyBoard for easing the alignement and the butt-end coupling of the large number of waveguides between the two platforms. As a first step, the two platforms will be integrated leveraging the powerful integration engine and then the InP elements will be integrated at the PolyBoard™ side.